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**OPEN SHOW 9th March - Conformation Show with Properties - Best (insert ANKC Registered Colour), Best Head, Best Movement and all ANKC Registered Dogs & Bitches WELCOME

** FUN DAY 11th May - all Great Danes and Families WELCOME

** CHAMP SHOW 13th July - Conformation Show - Visitors WELCOME

** FUN DAY 16th November - all Great Danes and Families WELCOME

How it works:  you pick one or more numbers depending on availability and you will play with that number/s for 10 weeks. price per number for 10 weeks is 10 dollars total, so 1 dollar per week.
At saturday nights lotto draw.. the first drawn supplementary number will win 15 dollars the 2nd drawn 10 dollars.
Every week Ann will send you an email with the results and who won also asking if you want a payout or want to roll your winnings over to the next competition.
At the moment number 11 is available and there might be more numbers by the end of the week.
I will allocate numbers on a first come, first serve basis.
But by all means put your name down and i am sure we will be able to fit you in somewhere. Its loads of fun to take part, support the club (every 10 weeks the club gets 200 dollars)  AND make chance on a win every week.

If you are interested in playing and helping the club please email me at a